Floor Plans

Floor Plans

Real Estate Floor Plans

Show Buyers How The Rooms Connect

Perth real estate floor plans

Do you know that potential buyers are more likely to view a property that has a floor plan?

Floor plans are a great way to show prospective buyers your home’s layout. They help to convey the space, scale and feel of the rooms and how they all connect together. So by including a floor plan in your marketing material, you help potential buyers visualise furniture layout options, how much storage the property has. Therefore giving them a good idea of the homes potential and if the layout is right for them.

Block Property Marketing are able to create high quality drawings for you by taking measurements on-site. Using these measurements, we draw accurate layouts to be presented in black and white, colour or in 3d. The high resolution images are sent through for inclusion in your online marketing and property brochures.

In addition to providing real estate floor plans for residential homes, we have produced engaging layouts for some large commercial projects. Our clients have found these very useful by using them extensively in their promotional material.

Maximise your chances of finding a buyer for your property. Make sure you include floor plans with your next marketing campaign. 

Already have floor plans?

Do you already have the drawings of your home? We can use these to redraw simple, clear layouts. Generally, builders plans will be cluttered with notes and dimensions for the construction of your home. We take these drawings and produce clean floor plans, making them more attractive and easier to read. Our floor plans are available in a variety styles to suit your requirements.

Black and White, Coloured, 3d plans to fully textured with realistic finishes. Whatever your preference, we can produce plans that will clearly show the layout of your property.

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A Variety of Styles to Suit Your Requirements

Take a look at some of our recent work which has been used in marketing material throughout Australia. From small units to large apartment building, we have the experience to make eye catching plans for you. Our real estate plans are an affordable add-on to any marketing campaign. So, don’t miss out on this valuable marketing tool on your next listing.

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