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Virtual furniture has become a popular marketing tool to show the potential of an internal space and so is now being used by Real Estate Agents all over Perth.

Our virtual staging service can transform a simple room into something amazing. This helps to engage potential buyers. Furniture, artwork and soft furnishing can play such a huge part in creating that perfect image, so get in touch and see what we can do for you.


  • Helps to create stunning images

  • Create a soft and welcoming room

  • Can be used to created focus points

  • Gives potential buyers a sense of scale

Virtually Stage Any Room

As a Perth real estate agent or private seller, you probably already know staged homes typically sell quicker and for higher prices. Empty homes typically sit on the market longer because most buyers find it hard to see the potential of an empty room. The common solution to this problem is traditional staging, however this is often not in the budget.

This is why we recommend virtual furniture staging for most homes. We can also remove items from photos to give a cleaner and less messy look.

Help your buyers to visualise themselves living in your property. No need to present empty rooms, when we can virtually stage any room with our range of stylish furniture.

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Choose From a Variety of Styles

If you are listing your property on sites like Buy My Home, Purple Bricks and, then room and interior staging maybe the biggest investment you can make towards selling your home.

We all love our homes, but our personal choice of interior design may not be everyone’s taste.  For that reason, carefully planned virtual furniture can create a neutral interior for potential buyers to feel welcome. We can take your images of empty rooms and create uncluttered interior images that will appeal to your target market.

We can virtually furnish your empty rooms in a variety of styles. From classic to modern, we can provide you with realistic images to help you stand out from the rest.

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