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Will A Virtual Tour Add Value To My Business?

This is an important question and one of the most often asked by people who are considering a virtual tour for their business. If you would like to know the answer, keep reading and hopefully you will find out if a virtual tour is right for your business.

more visits

More Visits

Allow potential customers to visit your business without leaving their house. By allowing customers to walk through the virtual environment, you will give them the opportunity to experience your venue without having to be physically there. Being able to pan around 360° provides more realism than traditional photography and is a great way for people to enjoy an environment as if they were there by choosing where they look and direction of movement.

24hr marketing

24hr Marketing

When your business is closed, a virtual tour will enable customers to walk through your premises and familiarise themselves with the space. This can help them make a choice about becoming a customer. An example of this is a gym. Some people can find these environments intimidating. However, by being able to walk around the virtual space, they can see what equipment is available. Also getting an idea of the size and layout can be a big benefit to potential customers.

greater interest

Greater Interest

A virtual tour is a great way to get more interest in a location. This is especially true for real estate. Buying a house is probably one of the biggest purchases that we will make in our lifetime. Therefore, being able to walk around a property will help potential buyers get a good idea of the flow and layout of the house by seeing how rooms and spaces connect. As a seller, a virtual tour will also set your listing apart from other homes for sale and generate more interest in your property and greater interest can mean a higher sale price. A virtual tour will add an extra cost but the potential to achieve a higher price for your home will make it worthwhile.

peace of mind

Peace Of Mind

Make your customers more comfortable by allowing them to have a look around before making a purchase. This can be helpful for people looking to book function rooms, wedding venues or a BnB. Traditional photographs can be great to show spaces but they are only showing one viewpoint. However, a 360 photo will allow your customers to view your venue from every angle. This will give them greater confidence to make a booking knowing exactly what they can expect. A virtual tour will provide a digital representation of your physical location, which is valuable content when marketing your venue.

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Some Examples Of Virtual Tours

A 360 virtual tour allows you to view the scene from every angle. Above, below, behind and next to you. These photos can be shared on Facebook and they’ll be converted into an immersive 360 view that viewers can pan around. Therefore, it is a great way to engage your followers and boost your social media presence.

We can create a 360 virtual tour for your business, with your branding, logos and colours. Our tours include hotspots that link to popups, which contain graphics, text or video.

Take a look at this virtual tour. This was created for a mine safety training facility in Perth. A custom built mine simulator to give new trainees an experience within an underground mine. This tour is used to show some of the hazards and mine equipment used.

360 virtual tours

Generate More Interest In Your Listings

The more traffic you get, the more people will find out about your site. Virtual property tours can give you a competitive edge and make your business stand out. They will add that “wow” factor to your listings.

Therefore, customers will trust you more than they trust the competition. Real Estate is a competitive market, so give yourself the edge!

Engage Your Audience With A Virtual Tour

Virtual tours are a great addition to any business. Enabling your audience to walk through your storefront or other location and visualise the space before walking in the door. This generates more leads and interest in your business!

Here is an example of the recently updated Fremantle Harbour showing the new seating areas and restaurants including the well known Cicerello’s.

Showcase Your Key Features

360 photos allow you to highlight all of the key features which make your business unique. Some of your best features may be missed when visiting your business location. However, with a virtual tour you can direct attention to your key points. Therefore, nothing is missed by your customer.

In this tour of a mine training facility, we added a number of hotspots. When clicked, a short video pops up and explains the hazard or safety procedure. Hotspots can be used to show video, images and text. Providing more information for you customers about a service or feature of your business.

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